Jocelyn McGregor

Philtres (since 2015)

fake fur, oil paint, silicone, plaster, Vaseline, steel, salt, metal powders, ammonia, glass

‘The deep colours of the local gems were set in gold and gleamed at the throat or hung down on golden chains on to the velvet of their bodices. As mysterious as the tints of the forest, and chiselled more delicately than young fern’s crooks, such jewellery was used to clasp the bristling furs of forest beasts to their shoulders, and to clip heron plumes to their caps.’

It’s from Valentine Penrose’s ‘The Bloody Countess’, a fictional biography of the 16th/17th Century serial killer, Erzsébet Báthory - who is also at the heart of the Dracula-is-a-actually-a-woman argument. There’s a myth that Báthory’s crimes were motivated by the quest for eternal youth, vanity and the lavish consumerism rising at the time as trading routes opened up and new materials and products became available due to technological and scientific developments, as well as the rise of capitalism. The transcripts from her trial imply that instead her crimes were sexually motivated, combined with the influences of the horrors of war. She was only arrested after she started targeting (the newly created) middle-class young women... Báthory was walled up in her own bed chamber as punishment.

I listened to this a lot too -Philtre-vitrinedetail_v2.jpg -Philtre-fauxfurwithboundupboob.jpg -Philtre-vitrine_v2.jpg