Jocelyn McGregor

Olympia (2015/16)

towel, oil paint, spray paint, ink, silicone, glass, duvet

Hoffman’s ‘Olympia’ in Nachtstuken (‘The Sand Man’), a life-like doll or automaton with real human eyes; Manet’s 'Olympia', an uncompromised reworking of the tradition of the female nude; Mount Olympia, home of the gods. 'Fuck Olympia' from the bottom right hand corner of Cy Twombly's 'Olympia'. My 'Olympia', a sum of her parts.

'Olympia (engine)' - towel, duvet, oil paint, velvet; cast of car engine in glass wax and carbon; silicone and oil paint sucked up through a hoover - sRGB Olympia.jpg

'Olympia (breast)'; with glasswax car engine replaced with a slumped glass breast Olympia-small2_v3.jpg

...with silicon and oil paint "floor mat" breast Olympia-detail2-small_v2.jpg Olympia-small3_v2.jpg