Jocelyn McGregor

Leadlights (2012 - 13)

resin, coal powder, projection

Crystallisation, extrusion, decay. All the colours of the rainbow can be derived from coal. ‘Leadlights’, windows - a method of illuminating interiors whilst excluding the weather. And the transition of the diamond pattern from an economical means of using smaller pieces of material to construct a larger whole, to a decorative design during the arts and crafts movement. The rainbow of artificial light projects through like the light of an electric fire simulating the glow of coal, displaying all the synthetic colours the fossil fuel has given forth and illuminating the motif and flaws in the material. The resin concludes this narrative by encasing the coal and the energy so long contained by it, leaving it inert and preserving only the aesthetic: its blackness. -Leadlight1- installation shot- Heath of the Moment.jpg