I’m on the hunt for the point of transition between internal and external, real and imagined worlds. Using my own body as a starting point, I explore the inside/outside topography of the female form, looking to folklore, surrealism and supernatural fiction to investigate the identification of women with the earth, the hysteric, the home and the machine.

By combining domestic fabrics and beauty products with earth pigments and industrial materials I make new materials that resemble organic matter. And each material I use represents a change in state for the body and the landscape. Bed sheets take us from conscious to dreaming, towels for cleansing; and synthetic hair extensions to modify our appearance. Whilst sand bags are flood defenders, preventing the outside elements from entering the home; and haematite pigment from the deep iron ore mines in West Cumbria are an inversion of this: people entering the earth. These are also absorbent materials, playing into tales surrounding the haunted object, where inanimate objects assume human qualities; from dolls and charms to animated furniture and aircraft parts.

In short, I blur the boundaries between the natural world and the manufactured one to create a super-natural hybrid of the two.

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