Jocelyn McGregor

Eller Beck (2017)

Bed sheets, towels, sand, varnish, oil paint, wrought iron chain

Installation for Suck It And See Projects @ The Brick Cube, London

My chest felt warm and damp at the front. I rotated my shoulders alternately, lent forward a little, and jiggled my breasts. They felt heavy in my bra but loose from my body, as if a rock had dislodged itself. My t-shirt had a vaguely pink watermark across the chest, like rouged contours mapping my front. A sense of unease sank into my gut, which in response twisted and flexed like an adder preparing to strike. I pealed my top off, up over my elbows, smearing its damp residue across my face. I slowly pulled my arms around to my back and unhooked my bra. The cups immediately dropped down and away from my body, heavy, wet and full; releasing clods of salty red sand on a gush of warm, viscous liquid, which tumbled down to hit my bare feet. Cradled in the cups of my bra were two wads of moss; acid green electric against the black gauze-like fabric. And from dark cavernous orifices where my breasts once were, the source of a new beck babbled out of me.

'Eller Beck' McGregor_Eller Beck_1 - website colour test.jpg
'Beast' McGregor_Eller Beck_3detail copy.jpg McGregor_ Eller Beck_2detail copy.jpg
'Creeper' copy 2.jpg McGregor_Eller Beck_3 install shot copy.jpg